Crackdown on thieves who target travellers

British Transport Police has launched a new initiative to beat the bandits who thieve on the rail network.

The aim is to help the travelling public spot thieves’ common tricks and provide advice on how to keep your valuables safe from gadget grabbers and luggage thieves.

Operation Magnum will see BTP officers work alongside train operating companies and local police forces to disrupt and deter thieves who prey on unsuspecting commuters and tourists at busy stations, those who brazenly snatch expensive smartphones from distracted passengers’ hands and others who steal luggage and valuables on trains.

BTP has produced videos, featured on the Force’s website ( and the YouTube channel, to show passengers the common tactics thieves use, while anti-theft surgeries will see passengers handed crime prevention leaflets with advice on how to protect themselves.

Help will also be on hand to register electrical gadgets to - a website that helps police reunite people with their lost or stolen items.