Crack down on war memorial vandals

MP Jo Swinson welcomed the announcement of tough new penalties brought in to crack down on those who steal or sell stolen metal, including from war memorials.

Crime Prevention Minister, Jeremy Browne warned that, as of next month, new powers will take effect to stop cash paid for metal and give the police stronger powers to target rogue traders.

The plaque on the war memorial at Baldernock was stolen last year, and Ms Swinson said: “Last Sunday, as I attended Remembrance Day events, I was once again reminded of all the selfless sacrifices made by members of our armed forces, from both World Wars and conflicts right up to the present day.

“In Baldernock, the war memorial was a dignified focal point for the tributes with its new stone plaques but it made me so angry that this had been necessary because metal thieves had stolen the previous metal plaques.

“It beggars belief that anyone could commit such a crime, disrespecting our fallen war heroes.”