Councillors vote to sell off Brookwood library in Bearsden

Brookwood Library
Brookwood Library

Councillors voted for the closure and sale of Brookwood Villa and library site in Bearsden at a full council meeting last night (Thursday, November 20).

The council’s ruling administration scrapped previous plans to create a business centre at Brookwood Library to enable them to direct funds to the Bearsden Hub project for Bearsden Burgh Hall - which would include the library and social services.

The project for a ‘one stop shop’ to access essential council services under one roof is planned for implementation before the end of the 2017 financial year.

The Registry Office on Roman Road would be sold as part of these plans.

Many local people, traders and the council’s SNP group have voiced their opposition to these proposals from the start as they do not want to see the loss of current facilities in Bearsden Burgh Hall such as Bearsden Primary After School Club and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, which has been holding dances in the hall for many years.

Bearsden Cross businesses are furious, saying that an expanded hall will impact on parking space, hitting trade.

A Champions Group was set up in an attempt to make sure the views of the people of Bearsden were considered, respected and acted upon.

Alan Oliver from Bearsden, a member of the Champions Group, said: “There’s been a surge of bad feeling from numerous areas of the community about these plans.

“I’ve written to all the Bearsden councillors outlining my concerns.”

Dawn Rutherford posted this message on our facebook page: “Help save Bearsden and Milngavie’s public buildings and infrastructure. Please contact your local councillor and stop Bearsden and Milngavie becoming satellite ghost towns. Let’s try and get our Burghs back.”

Director of development and regeneration, Thomas Glen, said: “Following last year’s decision on the proposed location of the Bearsden Community Hub, discussions have taken place with hall users and other stakeholders

regarding the proposal to incorporate the library within the Hub facility at Bearsden Burgh Hall. The Council last night agreed to move the library into the hub complex, and thereafter dispose of the building upon

completion of the new facility to release additional capital to further enhance the proposed new facility rather than develop for an alternative use.

“A series of engagement sessions with stakeholders have been held over the past year, including a Champions Meeting in May and a progress report to this group in July. As we now progress the Bearsden Hub initiative, consultation and engagement with all relevant stakeholders will continue and a stakeholder session will be held during the week commencing the 1st December, which the Champions Group will be invited to once the details are finalised.”