Councillor wins signs vote

ashay ghai
ashay ghai

A BEARSDEN councillor has won his campaign to get East Dunbartonshire Council to ban the display of election posters on lamp-posts and council property.

Ashay Ghai, who represents the Liberal Democrats in Bearsden South, proposed the move in a motion at last Thursday’s full council meeting as he believes allowing these posters goes against the council’s zero tolerance policy on fly posting.

It was passed by 13 votes to nine with Labour and Conservative councillors supporting it and the SNP councillors voting against it.

Councillor Ghai said: “All councillors support the council’s current zero tolerance policy on fly posting and I think elected representatives should set a good example instead of making a special case for ourselves.

“Like fly posting and various illegal signs - from wasp nest removal to birthday greetings - posters at election time can be a dangerous distraction to motorists.

“There is already excessive sign clutter and we should not be adding to it. Many councils such as neighbouring Glasgow and Stirling have already ended the practice.

“All political parties use such posters so we often see four or more on one column. This will now end but with no one disadvantaged.


“Such signs add little to the democratic debate. I fail to see how an unsightly rain soaked poster that has slipped to the bottom of a lamppost links representatives to the communities they serve.”

Councillor Ghai was disappointed that SNP councillors did not make this a unanimous council decision.

He said: “It does seem inconsistent with what they ask others to do.”