Councillor takes up water battle after eight years misery

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PEOPLE in Bearsden have had disgusting, brown coloured water gushing through their taps for EIGHT years.

Households in Laurence Drive have put up with the problem since 2004 - and Scottish Water has failed to resolve the issue.

They have seen washing machines, dishwashers and kettles ruined, costing them thousands of pounds over the years.

If the water turns brown while they have washing in their machine the clothes get ruined and they have been forced to buy tap water to drink as they fear that it may not be safe.


Bearsden North Councillor Amanda Stewart said: “This is a terrible problem and I want to do what I could to help them.

“The residents have to get up early in the morning to run their taps for about an hour to clear the systems.

“They replace their kettles every few months as they break.

“Scottish Water has tried to fix this in the past - they replaced some pipes last May and flushed the systems - but it persists and the residents are at their wits’ end.”

Councillor Stewart and residents met with staff from Scottish Water last October to discuss the problem and the utility assured them that they would do everything they can to fix it.

They are now getting help from the Citizens Advice Bureau to prepare a compensation claim.

Councillor Stewart added: “They are paying water rates but they can’t drink it or use it safely.

“This simply isn’t acceptable - the problem needs to be resolved once and for all.

“In this day and age this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening.”


A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We carried out a full replacement of the water main serving customers in Laurence Drive who had been experiencing discolouration to their water supply. We are in regular contact with these residents and we will continue to liaise with them.”

Councillor Stewart would like to hear from anyone else in the area, for example Milverton Avenue, Bearsden, who has been experiencing similar problems so that they can submit a joint claim to Scottish Water for compensation.

Contact her on on 0141 5788016 or e-mail her