Councillor slams plans to scrap enterprise centre

Bearsden, Brookwood Library and villa.
Bearsden, Brookwood Library and villa.

A Bearsden councillor has criticised the council’s decision to sell Brookwood

Library instead of making it into an enterprise centre.

Keith Small claims this was never put forward as an option in the original proposals.

The SNP councillor said: “Without any consultation with local people or local councillors the leadership group has now scrapped their initial plan to create an enterprise centre and an opportunity to boost the local economy has been lost.

“This decision is absurd and is contrary to the council’s stated aims and objectives for the development of the economy.”

In 2012 the consulting group Ryden recommended that the council should develop more small business space schemes to satisfy the needs of business start-ups and attract inward investors.

Mr Small added: “The Enterprise Centre in Milngavie is very popular and there is a waiting list for business space.

“There is a clear demand for small business space, so why are the council leaders ignoring this and ignoring the Ryden report as well as the council’s aim to boost the local economy?

“The conversion work could be achieved relatively easily in terms of alterations to the existing building. There could be up to 14 business units.”

“I don’t expect the council leaders to listen to my plea to reconsider the sale of Brookwood but, perhaps if local people, traders and the business community make representation a much valued and important asset can be retained for the benefit of the local community.”

Council leader Rhondda Geekie, said: “The original plan was to use some Bearsden Hall space to provide a Hub which would include library provision and to invest in Kilmardinny House as an increased function space.

“Early consultation showed that the public wanted to retain the hall provision at Bearsden Cross and our proposal of increased investment will deliver that alongside our commitment to Kilmardinny House which also received support. Although the council is not creating an Enterprise Centre there would be nothing preventing the private sector or others buying the building and submitting plans if this would be supported. The Enterprise Centre in Milngavie was not a council building originally and was built from various funding streams. The council proposals in the ten year plan include a new Allander Leisure Centre in Bearsden which will see considerable future investment in Bearsden.”