Councillor’s concerns about single Scottish police force

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LIBERAL Democrat group leader Ashay Ghai has raised serious concerns about the abolition of a local police force in favour of a single Scottish force.

The Bearsden councillor, who is also depute leader of the council, believes this will have real ramifications for local policing.

At last week’s council meeting, he said: “While happy to approve the local policing plan I believe it’s important to take the opportunity to again voice disapproval on the reforms that have led to a single police service for Scotland.

“This is the biggest change in our police in a generation yet as officers don their new uniforms there are still too many unanswered questions. The SNP Government has rushed towards a simplistic reform of our police despite overwhelming opposition. “Already disputes between the new chief constable and police authority have played out in the media and this week we heard that the Scottish Police Authority may need extra cash to integrate Police IT systems as part of the centralisation programme. “Reforms have seen a loss of backroom staff with little evidence of financial savings.”

He says East Dunbartonshire Council has stated that a business case for these reforms has been proven, with little evidence to suggest that a single national police force will save money.

He added: “These flawed reforms will only erode local accountability and community decision making.”