Councillor raises concerns over dangerous junction in Bearsden

Mosshead Road, Jo's corner shop, for pic of Duncan Cummings at a dangerous junction'Photo by Emma Mitchell'15/3/13
Mosshead Road, Jo's corner shop, for pic of Duncan Cummings at a dangerous junction'Photo by Emma Mitchell'15/3/13

A NEW junction being constructed in Bearsden may cause a major accident if it is not significantly improved.

This is according to independent Bearsden Councillor Duncan Cumming, who has raised his concerns with East Dunbartonshire Council about the safety of the junction on Mosshead Road – opposite the Allander Leisure centre.

The council is in the process of installing a pedestrian crossing for Milngavie Road – but work stopped on Friday, March 8 after Councillor Cumming (pictured) contacted the council because he’d received numerous phone calls and emails from worried residents.

He said: “I was horrified by what I saw on the site. The angles and the widths are all wrong – the pedestrian island is not in the middle of the road – it’s two-thirds of the way over.

“This leaves a single carraigeway on one side, and recently I saw someone driving up the wrong side because they were so confused about the road layout.

“It’s not properly signed either and this could result in a head-on collision. There have been a few near misses already.”

The council embarked on the project as part of the A81 route corridor improvements funded by Strathclyde Passenger Transport and designed to support and encourage active travel and public transport.

He added: “The idea was to create a safe crossing, but so far this has failed miserably.

“It’s a mess, and the council is going to have to do significant work to fix it.”

Gordon Cox from Bearsden North Community Council said: “They suddenly started doing this work without any consultation with residents’ associations.

“They closed the road then re-opened it with inadequate signs so drivers didn’t know what to do. It’s an accident waiting to happen, with a very narrow sharp turn onto Milngavie Road.”

Head of roads and neighbourhood services, David Devine, said: “Prior to work commencing, the council held public consultation events in June 2011.

“The feedback said that attention had to be paid to the wide junctions which adjoin the A81, which because of their width were causing difficulties for pedestrians.

“The junction is wide, and a refuge island was designed to be installed to aid pedestrians and reduce vehicle speeds by creating one entry lane and two exit lanes.

“Although discussions took place with local residents about the work, concerns have been expressed since and to allow these to be addressed, work on site has been suspended until after March 18, when a meeting is due to take place between the council and Burnbrae Residents Association.”