Councillor demands better bus service for Milngavie and Bearsden residents

Duncan Cumming campaigning for better bus services
Duncan Cumming campaigning for better bus services

An Independent Councillor took his campaign for better bus links between Milngavie and Bearsden up a gear at last week’s full council meeting.

Duncan Cumming called on the council to start the process that would lead to a timetabled loop bus service for the people of Bearsden and Milngavie. However after much debate an amended motion from LibDem Councillor Eric Gotts was voted through unanimously.

Councillor Cumming said: “As a responsible local Councillor who listens to my constituents, it’s obvious that there are major issues for many residents trying to access local transport, especially in Mosshead where they don’t have a timetabled bus service. It’s essential that Bearsden and Milngavie have an established timetabled loop bus that would access local services such as shops, health service providers, libraries, community centres and the Allander Sports Centre.

“Local residents would also be able to access the regular train service without needing to take their cars as there are significant congestion problems with parking at our train stations and nearby.

“The Local Transport Strategy Plan and its action plan 2013 – 2017, does broadly identify the problems that are faced by local people however, what we now need is for the council to take action.”

Councillor Gotts said: “Members felt the best way forward was to allow the Transport Working Group to take forward the council’s action plan 2013-2017 which includes 30 recommendations for action, including dialogue with the SPT and local bus companies. Councillor Cumming was urged to re-join the Transport Working Group so that he could play a full part, along with his council colleagues, in trying to improve public transport locally.”