Council to consider new all-weather football pitch for Lennoxtown

Councillor Ferretti
Councillor Ferretti

A modern all-weather football park for Lennoxtown is on the agenda tonight before East Dunbartonshire Council, thanks to new local Councillor Paul Ferretti.

The SNP councillor says he is optimistic about achieving cross-party support when his motion comes before council this evening (Tuesday, June 27) – and if successful council officials will then look into the cost and feasibility of the project.

Local MP Stuart McDonald has also met with local football clubs and believes such a development would be hugely welcome not only in Lennoxtown but in neighbouring Milton of Campsie as well.

Currently Lennoxtown has two grass parks, but users say one is very narrow, and the other at Station Road has been almost unusable for over a year because of a flooding problem, they say. Milton of Campsie has one grass park.

While there are two blaize parks also in Lennoxtown, local people say these as outdated and unsuitable for kids to play on. Meanwhile, access to the Celtic training ground is limited to one evening per week – which villagers say is completely insufficient for their needs.

Councillor Ferretti said: “The lack of a modern all-weather football park in Lennoxtown is something that I’ve quickly become aware is a real concern for local people.

“Such a park would bring huge community benefits with over 200 local players able to take advantage, as well as local schools and community coaching programmes. I hope we can gain cross-party support for this move”.

Stuart McDonald said: “Having spoken with local clubs and community representatives, the need for such a facility is absolutely clear and would be a major gain not only for Lennoxtown, but for players from Milton of Campsie too. Other facilities are insufficient to meet the huge demand for football – as well as community and school sports days. It’s unfair to expect hundreds of players to travel every week to other parts of East Dunbartonshire, as and when they can get access. It is causing huge logistical and financial problems for local clubs”.