Council says sorry after storms bungle

EAST Dunbartonshire Council has formally apologised to parents, carers and others for how they handled school closures during storms last December.

MP Jo Swinson was one of a number of residents who expressed deep concern about the authority’s handling of the shut down.

Confusion reigned over whether or not schools were going to be closed on the day of the storm.

The council has acknowledged parents and pupils were left scrambling for information in the wake of their decision to hold an 8.30am emergency meeting on whether to keep schools open and the subsequent failure of their website.

Ms Swinson said: “I welcome the letter from the council explaining exactly how the system broke down and their assurances that they have reviewed their procedures to avoid a similar situation arising in future.

“Given that wintry weather is still with us let’s hope that they indeed have their act together when it comes to informing parents, carers and others about school closures in the future.”