Council say destroyed chippy sign was in the wrong plaice


A CHIP shop owner is livid after the council removed a sign worth £200 advertising her business and had it destroyed.

Moira Burto opened Burto’s fast food outlet nine weeks ago in Kenilworth Crescent, Bearsden.

She said it was intolerable that workers from East Dunbartonshire Council could just remove the A sign, measuring 2ft by 3ft, that had been padlocked to a street light on Duntocher Road without letting her know.

Within half an hour of it being removed, she claimed, it had been taken to Bishopbriggs recycling centre and crushed.

Mrs Burto blasted: “They didn’t even have the courtesy to let me know.


“It would have taken them no time at all to tell me what they were doing and I would have removed it. It’s £200 crushed for nothing.”

She said the first thing she knew about it was when a customer came into her shop last Tuesday morning and told her the council had taken it after chopping through the securing chain.

The proprietor from Stirlingshire added: “I’m livid. Customers have said they don’t know where we are, so we put up this billboard.”

After the sign was removed she contacted the council and was told that she didn’t have permission to have it on a public footpath and that it was an obstruction.

Keith Scrimgeour, roads and neighbourhood services manager, said: “We have a responsibility to keep our public footpaths clear and safe for all pedestrians including those in wheelchairs or with prams.

“This advertising board was permanently on the path, without consent and close to a pedestrian crossing.

“We believed it was causing an obstruction so it was removed and disposed of.

“Businesses should be aware of their responsibilities and where they are in any doubt they should seek advice from the council.”

But the businesswoman hit back saying: “This is just a lot of rubbish. The sign was right behind a lamppost so it couldn’t obstruct the pavement.”