Council ready to chop up sandwich boards

SHOPKEEPERS and businesses have until October 3 to remove sandwich boards and other signs from the street - before they are blitzed by a snatch squad.

As revealed recently in your Herald, East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) is taking a hardline approach, vowing to remove rogue hoardings wherever they are found.

To give local shopkeepers and businesses time to adjust, EDC is postponing its purge.

Information on the council’s zero tolerance approach is now available on East Dunbartonshire’s website and leaflets are to be distributed to libraries, public buildings, community groups and businesses.

Whilst fly posting will be destroyed immediately on removal, sandwich boards will be retained by the council for up to 10 working days from removal and if unclaimed by the owner will also be disposed of.

Councillor Billy Hendry, convener of the development and infrastructure committee, said, “People in East Dunbartonshire will welcome this zero tolerance approach which aims to tidy up our streets and pathways and remove some of the hazards posed by sandwich boards and unsightly fly-posting.

“At East Dunbartonshire Council we are committed to making our area an attractive place to live, work or visit.”