Council ‘offload responsibility’

Gil Paterson outisde the closed toilet block in Milngavie.
Gil Paterson outisde the closed toilet block in Milngavie.

The SNP’s Scottish Parliament candidate for Milngavie Gil Paterson has accused the council of ‘penny-pinching’ over the provision of toilets in Milngavie precinct.

Mr Paterson was reacting to the news that East Dunbartonshire Council has allocated £50,000 for the community to put towards the provision of toilets to replace the ones closed by the council.

He said: “The statement from Councillor Eric Gotts was just another example of the council off-loading their responsibilities to the community. It is hard to see how this money could provide the much-needed toilet facilities at the start of the West Highland Way.

“They are simply penny-pinching and it is a disgrace that these toilets were closed in the first place. We pay council tax for the provision of things like this and for Councillor Gotts to suggest it is the responsibility of traders to open their doors to the public is nonsense – businesses pay rates and should not be expected to provide public toilet facilities.

“The council should face up to their responsibilities and ensure that toilets are provided now. Elderly people in the community and people with medical conditions must have this facility.”

And the organiser of a petition with 1400 signatures that was presented to the council in January this year is angry that he’s still waiting for an official response from them.

Gavin Templeton said: “Many people have been asking what’s happened about the petition. I have heard nothing.”