Council house problems are making me ill

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A COUNCIL tenant has branded his landlord ‘a joke’ after a catalogue of neglect and botched jobs on his flat.

Douglas White (38), who has lived in his one bedroom flat for the past 12 years, started having problems five years ago after he noticed dust coming down the chimney, but at the time he just thought it was birds dislodging debris from the roof.

But two years ago it got worse so he called East Dunbartonshire Council.

The unemployed factory worker said: “The council sent a gas inspector round and he condemned it and told me it needed major repair work.”

Mr White’s problems didn’t stop there though. He added: “I have also had work done replacing a floor in the bathroom and light fitting, as well as repair work around the bath and it has all been damaged.

“The council is an absolute joke. I don’t know who they are getting to do the work but it is not tradesmen.”

Mr White also says he was moved out of his flat into a four bedroom council property in Lyle Square, Milngavie while the work was being carried out in November 2010, but that this was totally inappropriate for him as it cost a fortune to heat.

He said: “I have had enough of them. I have a £700 gas fire that I’ve been unable to use for the past two years because of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. The attitude I’ve had from the council is disgraceful. It’s got so bad that I’m on anti-depressants now from my doctor.”

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and community services, said: “When the chimney at this address was last inspected there were no health and safety concerns about its condition.

“The tenant was decanted while wood rot was treated - completely unrelated to the chimney.

“As the tenant has raised new concerns, we will visit the property again and check the chimney.”