Council chiefs insist public will get their say on schools

COUNCIL chiefs have defended the decision to take the controversial primary school estate consultation to the next stage - despite concerns raised by some elected members and hundreds of parents.

The decision to move to the next stage of an ‘informal’ public consultation, which starts on January 7, was taken at a special meeting of the full council earlier this month.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “In November the council looked at 106 proposals which came out of workshops we held with local parents, teachers and wider community groups.

“Using an agreed criteria the number of proposals was reduced, with many options being ruled out.

“The stage we are at now is that we are about to continue our informal consultations on viable proposals by sending out 10,000 questionnaires and engaging with parents and the community.

“There will be a chance for everyone to have their say and there will be space in the questionnaire to put forward comments on each proposal.

“All that information will be considered in March by the council, before we decide what will go forward to the eight month formal/statutory consultation.

“Our ambition is to build new schools to support the excellent education delivered in East Dunbartonshire.”