Council accused of neglecting lock ups

Residents claim the council has neglected lock ups in Milngavie
Residents claim the council has neglected lock ups in Milngavie

Residents are angry that their lock up garages in Milngavie could be demolished – and they blame the council for failing to maintain them.

One woman, who asked not to be named, has rented her lock up behind Oakburn Avenue for 18 years and she pays £45 per month for it.

She received a letter from East Dunbartonshire Council telling her that they have deteriorated so badly that they may have to knock them down.

The residents have been given three options – to create a parking area, to allow them to purchase their own new lock ups (for at least £700) which they would be responsible for as well as maintaining a new access road.

The third option would be to create a community garden with raised flower beds or an orchard poly tunnel to allow residents to grow fruit and vegetables.

But the woman wants to know why the council has not looked after the site?

She said: “Where has all the rental money they’ve taken over the years gone?

“There’s no way it’s been spent on maintaining these lock ups – the council has neglected them. Why has this been allowed to happen?

“I think the council should carry out the necessary repairs so that we can keep our lock ups. We don’t need a community garden!”

Grant Mackintosh, strategic lead of the council’s housing, said: “No decision has been made on the future of these lock-up garages.

“Following concerns raised by a local resident in April, the lock-ups were found to have deteriorated significantly and there was evidence of vandalism to the brick work.

“It’s estimated that the cost to repair is now significant compared to the potential rental income.

“This does not include the ongoing repair and maintenance liability.”