Council accused of being ‘disrespectful’

Remembrance Sunday parade to the war memorial in Bearsden
Remembrance Sunday parade to the war memorial in Bearsden

Remembrance Sunday should be a time to pay our respects but this year’s event in Bearsden was marred with problems - according to some local people.

Gavin Steel was appalled that the council did not open Bearsden Burgh Hall this year to ‘cut costs’. This has traditionally been the meeting point for members of the organisations who come to Bearsden Cross to take part in the ceremony as it provides shelter from the rain and a toilet facility.

Mr Steel said: “It is a dreadful reflection of the times when “our” council cannot afford to employ a council worker for a couple of hours to make available toilet facilities and cover for the official party and those participating in the ceremony.

“The council would have us believe that it is a lack of money that prevents the opening of the hall for this solemn occasion, but I feel that this shows disrespect in what is a day of National Remembrance.”

And another Bearsden resident, Peter Ogg, has called for Glenburn Road to be closed off in future events in addition to Drymen Road, which is always closed.

He said: “This would stop cars pushing past children and entering the supposedly cordoned off area.”

He also believes New Kirk Road should be closed before the parade starts and for longer when it ends.

Mr Ogg added: “A car exited from New Kirk Road and was going up Drymen Road as the Pipe Band came out of Glenburn Road. I had to stop it, but bizarrely a police officer then waved it on as the Bugle Band exited presumably he did not realise they were following on.

“Then at the end a stream of cars were allowed to exit New Kirk Road into the cordoned off area weaving in and out of members of the public walking up Drymen Road.”

Grace Irvine, Director of Neighbourhood Services, said: “We understand the residents’ concerns, however, this is the same temporary road closure associated with Remembrance Sunday that has been in place in previous years and the council has never received any reports of accidents or concerns about safety connected with the event.”

Provost Una Walker added: “I didn’t think it was right to provide facilities in one town, and only to selected participants, when we do not make that provision in the others. The purpose of our gathering, to process, commemorate and show our respect was the important thing, not whether some of the participants in Bearsden congregated indoors rather than outdoors.”