Could you be growing places with Milngavie in Bloom?

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Know any gardeners? It doesn’t have to be a Chelsea winner, just someone with a love and knowledge of plants and a bit of practical experience.

Milngavie in Bloom would like to recruit such a person to produce and maintain new floral displays throughout the village.

This is all thanks to the successful BID (Business Improvement District) which began in May.

I admit that for a long time I had no idea what the BID was, and had to have it explained to me several times, slowly.

Now I think I get it, and will risk sounding patronising by passing my understanding onto you. It’s a sort of Traders’ Association.

Part of the BID’s budget is earmarked for “greening-up” the village, over and above what Milngavie in Bloom already provide, and that is the reason for our recruitment drive to find a gardener.

We thought we’d only have to ask around and make a few calls but it seems not that simple. I only know one, but he’s about 98 and thinking about retiring.

Can you suggest anyone for this paid, part-time role?

Could it be a job for you, your son, neighbour or grand-daughter?

If you can tell coreopsis from campanula, bidens from bramble or nepeta from knotweed (eek!) you could be the person for the job.

Douglas Cameron, our man in personnel, is waiting to hear from you.

There’ll be no psychometric testing and he won’t ask any of the obnoxious questions apparently put to job-seekers over the past year, such as ‘when was the last time you cried?’ or ‘how many marigolds fit into a 747?’

(31 million, since you ask).

Contact him via our website or call 0141 584 9400.