Cops warning after car crimes

MOTORISTS are being warned to be vigilant this week after a spate of car crimes in Milngavie and Bearsden.

Constable John Murray, from Kirkintilloch police station, said: “As we approach the winter months we especially ask that owners refrain from starting their engines and leaving their vehicles unattended in their drive to defrost.

“Most car thieves are opportunists who are just looking for that one chance to steal your car. Others take advantage of the cold weather and are actively on the look out for an easy target. It is also worth pointing out that if a car is stolen in this way you might not be covered by your insurance company.

“Most vehicle crime is preventable. It can take as little as 10 seconds for a thief to steal something from your car. If at all possible, leave nothing on view.”

Police issue the following advice:

Never leave valuable items in your car, including sunglasses, the removable radio cover and your sat nav and limit the amount you keep in the glove box. Wipe away the sat nav mark on your windscreen.

Consider fitting anti-tamper screws to your number plate.

Never leave your car keys where they can be seen from the front door.

Always close your car windows and sunroof, lock the doors and activate any security devices when leaving your car unattended.

Park with care, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for a long time. Choose a busy, well-lit area. Never Leave cash, credit cards, chequebook, mobile phones, vehicle documents or other valuables in the car. Never leave your keys in the car, even for a second - treat them as you would your cash and credit cards.

If you see anything or anyone acting suspicious contact Strathclyde Police on 0141 532 4000 or if urgent phone 999.