Cops target metal thieves

POLICE are getting heavy after a spate of metal thefts across Bearsden and Milngavie.

Properties, underground cabling and even items left out for uplift are all targets for thieves tempted by a hike in scrap prices.

Just last week, £2000 worth of lead was stripped from the roof of Kilmardinny Arts Centre in Bearsden.

The public is now being asked to help the police by being vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

A Milngavie Police spokesman said: “Thieves are taking any metal items that can get their hands on such as items left out for a special uplift from the council and underground cabling.

“Prices are high for scrap metal and makes this an attractive crime to commit.

“BT cabling has also recently been targeted which causes huge disruption for the public, completely destroying some services over huge areas.

“We need the public to be vigilant, if you see vehicles in your area that may be looking for scrap then note the registration number and report these to your local police office.

“Also, remember that thieves may dress themselves as workmen as this allows them to carry out the theft without being questioned.

“Please report any activity you may think is suspicious at roadworks and junction boxes even if the people appear to be workmen. Usually legitimate workers will have some type of officialy marked vehicle with them so do not hesitate to report any activity that seems different from the norm.

“Genuine workers will have no problem being challenged as their companies are suffering the inconvenience and financial cost of the disruption by thieves and would appreciate attempts to stop this happening.

“Another theft to be aware of is theft of lead from roofs.

“Quite often this is done during the hours of darkness but again should you see people removing roofing from churches etc, don’t hesitate to report this and note any registration numbers of vehicles and provide these to the police.”

To report an incident, call Milngavie Police on 532 4000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.