Cops: have a Hogmanay bash - not a stramash

POLICE in East Dunbartonshire have urged residents to remain vigilant when hosting New Year parties this week.

Officers are warning not to let parties get out of hand.

A spokesperson said: “During the festive period parties can be at the forefront of peoples plans. It may seem like a good idea at the time but all too often they can get out of hand.

“There are a few simple ways to try and ensure that the festivities can be enjoyed without any trouble.

“Always ensure that the persons attending are personal friends or family members, never announce your party or send invites via social media sites, never allow strangers access to your home.

“If you seem to be losing control of your guests then ask for everyone to leave, if this is not possible or guests refuse to leave then phone the police for assistance to avoid any potential issues.”

Police have also urged residents to beware of opportunist criminals.

The sudden increase in valuable items in homes can entice crooks, so it is important to make sure new gifts are hidden and secured safely.

Also, leaving valuables in cars can also be a quick fire way to attract attention. Leaving the car to defrost will also increase the risk of theft.