Cool as a cucumber — veg growing contest yields a bumper crop

Cool as a cucumber - veg growing contest is a winner!
Cool as a cucumber - veg growing contest is a winner!

Green fingered residents held their annual vegetable growing competition recently to raise money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Residents in Thorn Drive, Bearsden, and friends, choose a specific vegetable to grow each year and the person with the finest example wins.

This year the challenge was to grow a cucumber and everyone paid a small entry fee - which raised over £150.

Seona Nairn, from Thorn Drive, said: “It’s just a bit of fun and brings us all together.

“We have donated the proceeds to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for the past three years.

“This is because we feel the work they do is so important.

“For years now bees have been in decline. This is really serious because we rely largely on the bees to pollinate our fruit and vegetables.

“If they do not do the job it would have to be done manually, so fruit and veg would quickly become extremely expensive.

“The Bumblebee Conservation Trust researches causes of bee decline and promotes ways which are more bee friendly.”

Intensive farming, which leaves no room for the pollen and nectar rich plants which used to grow on farmland, and increased use of pesticides, are causing the decline of bees.

Seona added: “The Bumblebee Conservation Trust explains about bees’ needs and lists bee friendly plants which gardeners could grow to help. In fact gardeners can play an enormous role in helping the bees because UK gardens cover a million acres of land.”

Eighteen people entered the competition this year and the winner was Sam McAleer from Baljaffray, in Bearsden. Her cucumber was 17.4cm long and weighed 315 grams. It was also judged to taste the best. The competitions main sponsor was Caulders at Mugdock.

Seeds and compost were kindly donated.