Controversial Bishop’s Thinking Allowed lecture

A controversial American preacher is delivering a keynote speech at Cairns Church, Milngavie on Thursday, June 11.

Bishop Jack Spong, who rejects the idea of a supernatural God and does not believe Christ died for man’s sins, is making a second trip to Scotland after an earlier visit caused division within the Church of Scotland.

The retired Episcopalian preacher also denies the virgin birth, believes the resurrection was not a physical rising and is firmly in favour of Christian churches permitting homosexual clergy.

His liberal views evoke support and condemnation simultaneously from differing segments of the Christian church throughout the world.

His lecture entitled “Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy” will focus on St Matthew’s Gospel.

Bishop Spongs’s lecture will be held at 8pm at Cairns Church, 11 Buchanan Street, Milngavie, G62 8AW. Tickets are available from the Cairns office, phone 0141 956 4868 or from