Contractor insists: my path is up to scratch

craigdhu wedge path
craigdhu wedge path

A CONTRACTOR has hit out at a councillor who accused him of shoddy workmanship.

Kenny Martin, a directors of Silver birch Contractors, was responding to comments made by Milngavie councillor Jim Gibbons following an article in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald about vandalism at the Millennium path which runs from the Craigdhu Wedge at Cromarty Crescent to the A81 in Milngavie.

In the article Councillor Gibbons said the eco-friendly surface made out of old car tyres known as sudscape, had not been put down properly when it was orginally laid.

However Mr Martin disputed this saying the surface had been laid properly, but that there had been a delay in putting down the final stone resin bonding surface which completes three layer process because of delays in getting the final delivery from supplier.

Mr Martin said: “I would like to meet the guy and not get into a slagging match with him.

“It would be good to take him onto the site and let him see what is involved.

“The system we use to lay the path is not understood by many people it needs to be understood before making a judgement.”

He said the process involved putting down a hard-core base then a shredded rubber resin followed by the stone polymer resin seals into a tough surface.

Mr Martin added: “We laid it about three months ago, but because this type of path is being used on the Olympics village walkways, supplies had to deliver to them first, which led to delays in other project, such as this one.”