Consul role is ‘a great honour’

Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Berhane Kebede, and Professor John Struthers.
Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Berhane Kebede, and Professor John Struthers.

A Bearsden academic has taken on the responsibility of stengthening links between Scotland and the African country of Ethiopia.

Professor John Struthers (62), of the University of West of Scotland’s School of Business and Enterprise, was recently appointed the Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Scotland.

As Honorary Consul Professor Struthers will assist Ethiopia to increase its trade and investment links with Scotland, encourage educational and cultural exchanges; and assist the London based Ethiopian Ambassador to interact with the Scottish Government, civic society, and the business community.

This appointment is partly based on on-going research work that Professor Struthers conducts with other UWS colleagues in the economics of commodity price volatility, and in particular commodities such as coffee, one of Ethiopia’s major exports.

As an economist, Professor Struthers is especially keen to highlight the major strides that the Ethiopian economy has made over recent decades with its recent high level of economic growth and major infrastructural improvements. These include the huge Renaissance Dam project around the Nile waters; the recently launched Addis Ababa light railway; and the major expansion in the country’s road and rail network aimed at improving transport links between Ethiopia and Djibouti, and its major port. In addition, the country has recently witnessed massive expansion in the number of new universities. These developments, along with the huge potential that Ethiopia has in the area of cultural and religious tourism, means that this is a particularly important period for the country.

Commenting on his appointment Professor Struthers said: “It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me to be appointed as Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Scotland.

“Given my economics background and contacts within the business community in Scotland such as with the Chambers of Commerce and the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, I look forward to playing my part, along with the Ambassador and colleagues in the London Embassy, in forging links between our two countries.”