Conservative Friends of the Union launches in Bearsden

CONSERVATIVES in East Dunbartonshire have launched their party’s campaign to keep Scotland part of the United Kingdom.

At a public meeting in Bearsden Burgh Hall recently, they launched Conservative Friends of the Union.

Their guest speaker for the evening was Glasgow Tory councillor David Meikle.

Councillor Meikle said: “Since Ruth Davidson launched the national Conservative Friends of the Union campaign in March this year, almost 50,000 Scots have signed up to support it.

“This issue is the most important to face Scotland in my political lifetime and it is important that everyone who cares about Scotland’s continuing place in the United Kingdom, participates in the debate and works to achieve a ‘No’ vote in the autumn of 2014.”

Local Conservative vice-Chairman Martyn McIntyre said: “The phoney war is now over and an agreement has been reached to hold a referendum in two years’ time.

“This is not a decision that can be changed, like we change a government every five years; it’s for keeps.”