POLICE have warned that conmen are on the prowl hoping to clean up after last Tuesday’s storm.

They are concerned that dodgy cold callers may try to rip people off with offers of help to clear up or repair damage that never materialise.

A Milngavie Police spokeswoman said: “In light of the damage and destruction that the storms may have caused this week, police are advising the public to be extra vigilant.

“There will have been damage caused to roofs, buildings, trees blown down etc and at times like this there are always opportunists who may cold call at your address offering repair.

“Please do not accept work from anyone who cold calls at your address no matter how convenient it may seem.

“Never agree to work from cold callers, never pay anything up front for work and should work be carried out without your consent do not pay money and do call the police.

“Also, try and keep an eye on any elderly neighbours you have who are more vulnerable to this type of crime. If possible try and note type and registration number of any vehicles that may be used by these persons and pass on to the police.”

Cops issued a similar warning after the gales that struck the area before Christmas.

Then, Trading Standards confirmed that there had been several reports of householders being tricked.

Any information can be passed to Milngavie police office on 0141 532 4000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.