Conflict continues over Milngavie Hub

28.6.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes.  New signets and ducklings at CE Centre pond Milngavie.
28.6.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes. New signets and ducklings at CE Centre pond Milngavie.

Council officers are currently assessing the response to the recent public consultation on a Milngavie Community Hub.

The proposals for a new community hub also affect users of the existing Community Education Centre and visitors embarking on the West Highland Way.

Milngavie Community Council Hub Group have been attending councillors’ surgeries across East Dunbartonshire to highlight their concerns.

One such campaigner, Fiona Crosbie, said: “Many councillors seemed unaware the library building in Milngavie houses a great deal more than just the library.

“There are scores of groups, clubs and societies which use it, not least an After School facility which caters for sixty Primary aged children and this could not be accommodated at the Hub proposed for the Town Hall site, due to the lack of available greenspace. Responses from Councillors visited so far have been generally interested and supportive.” 

Council co-leader Vaughan Moody, who represents Bearsden South, said: “We will have to take time to make a decision which will affect the people of Milngavie for the next 50 years”.  

Milngavie councillor Graeme McGinnigle stated at his surgery on October 26 that: “The prospect of the Community Education Centre closing is not something I would welcome.

“No decision will be taken without taking into consideration the wishes of the community.”

Milngavie Community Council is currently awaiting the council response to a Participation Request they lodged under the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015.

If granted this would mean local people would be able to take a more direct role in the planning decisions.

Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive for Education, People & Business said: “The Milngavie Community Hub engagement exercise was seeking views on the principle of co-locating and retaining the facilities from both the Community Education Centre and Town Hall and Lillie Art Gallery in one enhanced location at the Town Hall site. 

The engagement exercise was extended to enable the community to fully participate.

“We were delighted by the level of response from local people and community groups and we will now take time to fully consider and analyse all of the feedback before a report is brought back to Council in Spring 2020.”