Concerns over restaurant plans

Massimo, Bearsden.
Massimo, Bearsden.

Residents in Bearsden have voiced concerns this week about plans to expand the Massimo restaurant and beer garden.

The restaurant has applied for permission to build a two storey extension - but firstly they will need to demolish an existing building. They also want to create a larger beer garden and car park to the rear of the building.

Adrienne Payne, who lives nearby, said: “I am not alone in my worries, I’m very much against this expansion for a number of reasons.

“It will increase the already built up traffic at Bearsden Cross and add to the high levels of pollution and noise.

“People will be leaving the building during the week at later times, perhaps drunk and making a noise, and the problem of people using the private lane as a toilet will probably get worse.

“Many people are also very worried that the restaurant plans to open a nightclub in the new space.

“This is a conservation area and this development goes against everything a conservation area is all about.

“At the moment we have a wonderful and quiet view of the church and graveyard from the rear of our house which is a respite from the busy, noisy front.

“This new development will mean noise at the front and back of our house.

“We also have concerns that plans to cut down trees and widen the burn could affect local wildlife and cause flooding in the future.”

Massimo is a family-run business started by Massimo Lilli. He opened the Bearsden restaurant in December 2004.

Massimo said: “People shouldn’t be worrying about these plans.

“There are no plans for a nightclub and we are knocking down an old warehouse which will make the area look smarter.

“The extension is for a function room which will benefit everyone in Bearsden as they will have a local venue for weddings, christenings birthdays etc. “The entrance is nowhere near the rear of these homes as it’s between the restaurant and Ashoka.

“It will be insulated for noise and there are no plans for a nightclub - it will be a great place for families with a children’s area. We are also creating more car parking spaces which will ease the pressure on other car parks in Beasrden Cross.”