Concern over swan trapped in frozen pond at Lennoxtown

The swan at Whitefield Pond which was sent to the Herald by a local man
The swan at Whitefield Pond which was sent to the Herald by a local man

A lone swan has been stuck in ice at a Lennoxtown pond for the past three nights.

A local man out walking with his dog spotted the female swan trapped in the frozen water at Whitefiled Pondabout 15 yards from the bank.

He and a number of other concerned residents contacted the fire service and the Scottish SPCA.

The local man told the Herald this morning: “She is still alive but weak and stressed. The ice appears to have thickened overnight”.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Amy Burke told the Herald they were alerted yesterday about the trapped swan.

A nearby contractor broke a large part of the ice in an attempt to free the swan but the SPCA animal rescue officer added: “Rescue efforts were paused as the swan was getting very distressed and further attempts could have caused the swan to cut its legs on the ice.

“We are expecting the weather to warm up slightly over the coming days which should allow the ice to thaw and the swan to break free naturally.

“Food and water is available for the swan and we will continue to monitor the bird and operate in its best interests.

“Anyone concerned about the welfare of any animal should contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

A spokesperson from the fire service said the Scottish SPCA took the lead in any rescue efforts like this and that they had not been contacted by the animal charity.