Concern at speeding drivers near school

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Pupils at Hillhead Primary School have unveiled a banner urging parents and carers to watch their speed when 
dropping off and picking up outside the school.

Designed by P6 pupil Kian Docherty, the banner is catching the attention ofmotorists with the strap line ‘Don’t be daft, Don’t drive fast’.

According to a council spokesperson, vehicles driving at speed in the vicinity of the school is a growing concern for pupils, teachers and parents alike, as well as issues with inconsiderate parking, drivers stopping on the zig-zags and blocking access for those walking to school.

To raise awareness of the problem, the school worked with the council’s Community Safety team to run a poster competition among pupils. Kian’s winning poster design now features on a 10-foot banner on the railings at the front of the school.

Kian said: “I have seen lots of cars driving very fast outside the school where there are a lot of young children around and if cars are going too fast this could cause children to be hurt or worse. I hope my design will help drivers slow down and take their time making Hillhead roads safer for all the children”.