Complaints about A81 roadworks rumble on

A81 improvements work being carried out.
A81 improvements work being carried out.

Elderly residents have been having problems getting buses because drivers can’t stop on Milngavie Road while the roadworks are being done.

It’s also been claimed that people have nearly been knocked over by cyclists.

Secretary of Burnbrae Residents Association, Margaret Robertson, said: “Bus drivers didn’t want to stop because they block the road and people weren’t sure where to catch a bus.

“Someone told me a lady was nearly knocked down by a cyclist and an emegency vehicle was unable to get through.

“I haven’t met anyone who thinks the work on Milngavie Road is sensible.”

Another Bearsden resident, who asked not to be named, can no longer park outside his home on Milngavie Road. He lives there with his elderly parents who rely on carers every day. His mum gets picked up by ambulance for hospital appointments and there is nowhere for them to stop.

He said: “This is the biggest waste of money - the road was free flowing until they started this work. I’ve never seen traffic so bad. There was never any discussion with us about this.”

The man, a coach driver, also nearly had a head-on collision with a car on the roundabout near Homebase because the driver was forced into the centre of the road.

Thomas Glen, Director of Development and Regeneration, said, “The Bears Way project, which includes segregated cycle lanes and associated road traffic orders, will make it safer for people to walk, cycle and use local roads.

“Temporary bus stops, installed by SPT, will be removed when the works are complete, and bus operators have not raised any concerns during the construction phase. As with all Road Traffic Orders the emergency services are statutory consultees and did not raise any objections to the works.

“The works are still not complete but priority will be given to pedestrians at all bus stops with traffic calming measures in place for cyclists.

“Maintaining parking for residents was very important for the success of this project, and this has been achieved by considering the needs of residents in the design stages.”

“I’m confident the short-term pain will be outweighed by the long-term gain.”