A ‘PUBLIC Transport Forum’ is to be established, allowing commuters to press for better bus and rail services.

Independent councillor Duncan Cumming is backing the idea following a packed public debate in St Andrew’s Primary, Bearsden, recently.

The meeting was called to discuss changes made to bus services by First Glasgow, but widened out to discuss other area of concern.

Councillor Cumming, who represents Bearsden North, said: “Most of the residents of Bearsden North would have received an invitation to attend the public meeting to discuss their legitimate concerns regarding public transport provision by local bus services, in particular the service 118 and its part time replacement with the service number 11.

“Well over 100 residents attended the meeting, despite adverse weather conditions which necessitated many apologies being tendered.

“The strength of feeling, and the passion with which people regarded their local transport was overwhelming.

“My role as facilitator of this meeting was to bring the community and the First Bus operator along with Strathclyde Passenger Transport together, so that a full and frank discussion could ensue.

“Timetabling, community consultation, reliability, bus stop timetables, quality of rolling stock including cleanliness, route planning, bus subsidies, affordability and cross ticketing were some of the issues discussed at length.

“I concluded that this meeting was a worthwhile exercise which highlighted the concerns of local people.

“With this in mind, I am going to pursue the idea of the formation of a Public Transport Forum.

“This will enable local residents to liaise and influence senior transport representatives of bus and rail, to formulate a plan for a sustainable, integrated and workable transport system for the future.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank those constituents who attended the meeting”