Commuters at Glasgow central Station angry about queues to buy tickets

Central Station Glasgow
Central Station Glasgow

Angry commuters at one of Scotland’s busiest train stations have slammed Scotrail for long queues to buy tickets.

Passengers are calling for more staff in Glasgow Central Station to deal with the higher number of people travelling on busy rush-hour services.

It is possible to buy a ticket before boarding a train, however people are often going from stations where there is no manned ticket office.

And train conductors don’t always have time to sell tickets to everyone on busy services.

Gemma Byers vented her anger on Twitter, she said: “Standing in this mammoth queue as no ticket person at station was on phone & no ticket person on train.” #scotrail #scotfail

Scotrail said they had installed an extra ticket booth to ease the flow through the station at busy times.

A ScotRail spokesman said: “We’ve installed an additional ticket booth at Glasgow Central to assist customers who arrive without tickets and need to buy them on arrival.

“We encourage all customers to buy tickets, or renew season tickets, before they board. Doing so will help make their journey run smoother, faster and may also be cheaper.”