Community in Westerton are pleased that council has listened to them

WESTERTON residents are delighted that East Dunbartonshire Council has listened to their plea to save the village greenspace.

The community overwhelmingly rejected plans to build a new merged school/library and hall on the village playing fields , behind the current hall, and as a result the council has brought forward new options as an alternative for informal consultation.

These proposals have however divided the community because the choices are - to build a merged Westerton/Colquhoun Primary School on the current Westerton Primary site or a merged school on the current Colquhoun site.

The option of building a merged school on the playing fields has not been officially taken off the table yet but it looks unlikely that it will go forward to the next stage of statutory consultation and residents have vowed to continue to fight the plan.

Murray Horne, chairperson of Bearsden West Community Council, said: “Unless there’s a school on both campuses a lot of people will be unhappy.

“People in Westerton are concerned that the school is going to Colquhoun and parents of children at Colquhoun don’t want to lose their school to Westerton.

“We’re glad that our greenspace appears to have been saved as we’d be very unhappy to lose it.

“The playing fields are very well used for playing football, dog walking and as a play area for children.

“Both sides say losing their school will kill their community.

“These new proposals are going out to consultation now and we’d like to see both schools survive.”