Community fun day in Bearsden

RESIDENTS in Bearsden have joined together to host a community fun day this Saturday afternoon.

People from Castlehill, Baljaffray and Bonaughton will welcome visitors from all over as they hope to strengthen community ties in the area.

Alastair Muir, one of the event organisers, said: “It’s great when a community comes together like this. People are no longer strangers in the same street but neighbours in a vibrant community.”

The fun day hopes to cater for all ages with races, tug-o-war and bouncy castle for the youngsters, while a Battle of the Bands will provide the entertainment for teenagers.

And for those who want a more leisurely afternoon can enjoy the joys of tea and home baking in the marquees while enjoying the local Boys’ Brigade pipe band or watching the dog show

Festivities begin at 12.30pm in the Langfaulds Fields on Nevis Road, Baljaffray, and will continue until 5pm.