Community council upset by Lidl drinks extension

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LIDL in Baljaffray, Bearsden, has been given permission to extend its hours to sell booze from 10am to 10pm seven days a week.

This has been agreed by East Dunbartonshire Council’s licensing board and it brings the shop into line with other licensed premises in the area, but concerns have been raised by Bearsden North Community Council.

Previously the store had been selling alcohol from 10am till 8pm.

The shop in Grampian Way also wanted to increase the area for display and sale of alcohol but has decided it won’t do that now.

Keith Small, chair of Bearsden North Community Council, said: “We understand that both these requests are within the rules and policy of the council and therefore, cannot be opposed. We did however note our concern with East Dunbartonshire licensing board about the sale of alcohol in general but particularly from off sales.

“The public are constantly being reminded about the social, crime and health problems linked to the abuse of alcohol in Scotland. It has been suggested by many health professionals, police officers and politicians that we need to tackle the culture of excessive consumption.

“We would agree with this aim and recommend that a Scotland-wide strategy is developed that will include action to limit the availability of alcohol.

“This should include a restriction on the number of premises, the hours of sale and bans on promotions that encourage excessive consumption.”