Community council launches campaign after shoppers stay away because of drug users

Residents are too scared to use a shopping centre due to drug users and claims of disorderly behaviour.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 11:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 12:24 pm

Now Springburn Community Council is urging local residents to voice their concerns and hopes about their area, through a survey.

The shopping centre on Springburn Way has become a hot spot for drug users and their dealers, according to residents in the area.

In a letter to centre bosses, Springburn Community Council said: “There have been numerous complaints that shoppers are unlikely to go to the shopping centre because of drug use in the area and disorderly behaviour.

“This is due to a drug problem in Springburn and too many pharmacies.

“Security guards are also unwilling to keep the area outside of the shopping centre free of people who disrupt the police.

“We have received complaints, particularly from elderly individuals who do not feel safe.”

The issue was raised with community police officers at a meeting of Springburn Community Council, who urged residents to report those responsible if they want something done about it.

One Springburn resident said at the meeting: “When the police presence is there, they will disappear from the shopping centre.

“But when they are not, they hang around.

“People especially the elderly feel intimidated by them.”

Community cops also said the more calls they receive about the problem the better.

This will result in them being logged in the system.

Community officers said when this happens, the area commander Chief Inspector Ross Allan is more likely to create a “call to action” to deal with the issue.

The community cops at the meeting also admitted that the majority of crimes reported in the area for the last month were in relation to the misuse of drugs act.

There was also 19 thefts reported relating to the shopping centre.

A spokesman for Springburn Shopping Centre confirmed that they received the letter and sent a response to the community council.

He added: “We have security staff on the site and the centre is manned 24/7.

“We are also in regular consultation with community police.”

You can access the survey at

A spokeswoman for Springburn Community Council said: “We know that you have particular problems with the area and we wish to feed this back to the council, and to other organisations who will be able to make the area better. Please complete the survey as honestly as you can.”