Community campaigners step up battle against housing development at Bearsden Golf Club site

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A group of campaigners opposing a housing development plan have hit out at Bearsden Golf Club’s appeal to the public to support the proposal.

In a recent report in the Herald, golf club captain Doreen Adam said the plan by Robertson Homes to build 65 homes at Thorn Road would bring “significant local advantages as well as safeguard the golf club’s future”.

The club sold the land to builders to fund an upgraded nine-hole course.

She added: “Our club members are an active part of the community and we consulted extensively before making the decision to sell land to fund an upgraded nine-hole course”.

But the “Bearsdone and Milngone (unless we fight)” campaign group have vowed to prevent the “over-development” of the area.

They have been backed in their campaign by Bearsden North Community Council and local politicians, including Gil Paterson MSP, Ross Greer MSP and Jo Swinson MP, who joined them in a public protest at Bearsden Hub earlier this year.

Campaigner Alan Brown, who lives near the proposed development, said: “I’m afraid Ms Adams opinions in the paper are fundamentally flawed on a variety of levels.

“Firstly, she says it will bring significant locals advantages. What are these? They aren’t stated.

“Secondly, she states that the golf club consulted extensively before making a decision to sell the land. I live locally and we have never been approached by the club.”

He added: “Ms Adams also comments about the clean-up of the Antonine Wall which crosses part of the proposed new course.

“The Antonine Wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning NO development is permitted by Historic Environment Scotland, East Dunbartonshire Council nor UNESCO. Also, a statutory 30 metre boundary (protection) zone applies to every aspect of the wall.

“The Romans built the Antonine Wall 1,750 years before Bearsden Golf Club existed.”

Roman historical re-enactment/research group the Antonine Guard are also against the development.

Fellow campaigner John Moore said: “We hear all the time Bearsden Cross is badly polluted so 65 extra homes on Thorn Road won’t help. Schools are overflowing and you must wait weeks to see a GP. This plan can’t go ahead.”