Community calls for action to help clean up graffiti-hit park

Bearsden North Community Council has highlighted the need to tackle anti-social problems in Mosshead Park and Castlehill Farm on Duntocher Road, Bearsden.

At their monthly meeting, which took place on Wednesday in Bearsden Burgh Hall, members heard from East Dunbartonshire Council wardens who said there are a number of problem with graffiti on swings in the park, dog fouling, youth disorder and litter issues.

A report by the wardens stated: “Environmental wardens and police continue to monitor the areas as much as possible.

“We receive dog foulding complaints, mainly concentrated around the Bonnaughton area. Two alleged offenders have been spoken to and made aware of their responsibilities of being a dog owner and in future if they fail to pick up after their dog will be fined.”

However the report goes on to say it can be difficult to police this type of offence as it very often occurs under the cover of darkness or early in the morning.

In response to the issues raised Diane Campbell, Director of Governance & Regulation, said: “Our Environmental Wardens attend many community meetings and are always happy to work with groups on local initiatives such as this.

“Likewise any member of the public can let us know about a particular area that they feel needs attention in terms of litter picking or graffiti removal.

Problems can be reported via the ‘report it’ button on the council’s website homepage ( or by calling 0300 123 4510.

In the meantime if Bearsden North Community Council contacts one of the Wardens we can take their request for work at Mosshead Park forward.”