Clyde-siders find out they all live on same street

Clyde-siders: Paula (left) Marjory and Emma.
Clyde-siders: Paula (left) Marjory and Emma.

Three neighbours who live within five doors of each other discovered last week that they were all volunteers for the Commonwealth Games.

None of the Milngavie residents knew that each other had applied for the role of Clyde-sider in Glasgow’s Games and it was only when they began going for training that they found out.

Marjory McColl (60), Emma McKinlay (18) and Paula (40) all live in Drumlin Drive and have very different roles at different venues.

Paula has been based at Tollcross and Emma, who has just left Douglas Academy in Milngavie and is going to study medicine at Edinburgh Univerity this year, has been at the SECC/Hydro, while Marjory who is a nurse has been in the medical team across a number of different venues. She is married to Ian and they have two grown up children (one of them, Gill, lives in Milngavie) and Lindsey. They also have two grandchildren.

Paula works full time as a director in Capita Health and she has two children Rachel (15) and Fraser (10).

She’s spent the last 18 months working as a core member in the Keep St Joseph’s Campaign in Milngavie team, so she says it’s nice to be doing something just for herself for a change.

She said: “It’s been fab fun even though it’s been a 6am start most days followed by a ten or eleven hour shift.

“I got to see the Queen from quite nearby one day and I’ve spoken to a few of athlete’s families, who were over from Australia, Canada and all over.

“The atmosphere is just unbelievable, with people of all ages and nationalities, everyone is having a wonderful time.

“My jaws have been hurting at the end of each day because I’ve been smiling so much.

“Lots of people have been surprised that Glasgow’s so into sport - we are used to big football and rugby events.

“And Drumlin Drive is like a mini-corner of the East End at the moment, the atmosphere there is great too.

“About 50 of us all got together to watch the Opening Ceremony in one person’s house, apart from Marjory who was working at it, and we were all so excited.

“Even with being up late watching it, I was still raring to go at 6am for my first shift!”

Paula says lots of Australians have been surprised by the hot weather and they’d brought jumpers with them which they haven’t needed.

She added: “They’ve been asking us if this weather is normal and we’ve been teasing them saying it is!

“It’s been great to help people out in any way we can - even offering advice about where to go at the end of the day to eat or just soak up the atmosphere. Kelvingrove Park is popular, George Square and Merchant City too. The place is buzzing.”