Clober a class act

CLOBER Primary School in Milngavie promotes independent, motivated and enthusiastic pupils - according to a recent report by education inspectors.

HMIe officials noted the following key strengths at the school - a high level of attainment in English and mathematics, strong assistance provided for children with additional support needs, good staff teamwork and a commitment to self-evaluation to improve the work of the school as well as effective leadership from the headteacher and depute headteacher.

Inspectors noted that the children are happy, motivated and familiar with routines in the nursery class.

They co-operate very well during play and can share and take turns. They are forming friendships, have positive relationships with staff and move confidently between activities and playrooms. They can make choices and take appropriate responsibility for their own learning.

At the primary stages, children have an outstandingly high commitment to their learning. They are highly motivated and engaged in their learning - working very well independently and together in small groups.

Children are engaged in active, purposeful activities and are involved appropriately in planning their own learning. They are confident in evaluating their own work and can identify clearly their next steps in learning. They are using their information and communications technology skills across the curriculum effectively.

The report added: “Many children develop leadership and teamwork skills through participating in various committees. Children benefit from the work of the eco committee for outdoor learning. All classes learn valuable skills in planting bulbs, studying mini beasts and making their own compost and as a result of staff’s work in promoting awareness of environmental issues, the school has achieved its second green flag from Eco-Schools Scotland.

“The school promotes health and the health committee is effective in encouraging children to make healthy choices for lunch. Children are developing their awareness of what it means to be a useful citizen by taking on roles and responsibility within the school. These include a well-developed buddying programme for younger children, acting as monitors and serving as junior road safety officers.

“Staff have made very good progress in implementing Curriculum for Excellence.”

As a result of the very good quality of education provided by the school, there will be no further visits in connection with this inspection.