Cleaning up in East Dunbartonshire

OVER 97,000 volunteers gave their time this year to support Keep Scotland Beautiful’s National Spring Clean campaign - with 3,272 being from East Dunbartonshire.

Local community councils, schools, conservation volunteers, youth groups, businesses, guides and scouts, council staff, residents’ associations, rotary and churches all pulled on their yellow Keep Scotland Tidy tabards and spent time cleaning up different locations.

The result of all the hard work is that 40 public gardens, school grounds, tourist hotspots, woodlands, nature reserves, rivers, canals, country parks, road verges and town centres in East Dunbartonshire will be litter free this summer.

A total of 2,785 children from East Dunbartonshire took part. Little Gems Nursery in Milngavie turned out on a fabulous day to clean the nature trails around the town’s library.

They set off with the aim to not just clean up but to recycle as much of the rubbish as they could.


The main problem in the area is dog mess so the group came armed not just with dog mess bags but with buckets and shovels – the end result being that the adults in the group collected two black bin bags of the disgusting stuff.

Volunteers collected some very odd things, including a ski boot, a curtain rail, a mirror, a fire extinguisher and, as previously reported in the Herald, decorative blunderbus, and three shopping trolleys.

After two hours, the little ones were exhausted so it was back to the nursery for tea and cakes, from Greggs, which were much enjoyed.

To keep the little ones going, the group had a photography competition where the children all got a shot of a camera and a chance to take photos of the day.

The children of Colquhoun Park Primary and some willing parents, teachers and grandparents spent two afternoons cleaning their grounds and the surrounding area.

Primary five, six and seven were involved in cleaning up their football pitch and the back fence surrounding the school.

They only managed to fill half a bag of rubbish which means, as an eco-school, all the pupils are doing their bit.

The next day the nursery children, eco-committee, P4 and adults ventured down Canniesburn Road to a large green, open space that many of them walk past on their way to school.

Everyone had to work extremely hard, and in 40 minutes they had collected nine large bags of rubbish. The children and adults were shocked that a lot of the litter was sweetie wrappers, crisp packets and juice bottles, as well as a lot of cigarette cartons and bottles.

A local policeman who was walking past told the group what a wonderful job they were doing.

Numerous pupil volunteers at The High School Of Glasgow Junior School cleaned-up during break times.

The older children had fun helping younger ones and they all enjoyed wearing the tabards and getting to grips with the workings of a litter picker.

In total, four bags of rubbish and four of recyclables were gathered up by the enthusiastic volunteers. The pupils reported to the school at assembly, and reminded everyone about the aims of the schools’ eco committee.

Glasgow Academy Atholl cleaned up the main walkways through Barloch Moor in Milngavie. The eco committee, P3 pupils, staff, parent volunteers and East Dunbartonshire Council operatives did a terrific job to ensure the moor is now a cleaner, safer and healthier place for people, dogs and local wildlife to enjoy.

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Helen Darvill said: ”I am astounded by the number of people who have given up their time this year to keep their own parts of Scotland beautiful. It is a real achievement that 3,272 people from East Dunbartonshire came out in force to take part in National Spring Clean 2011, and I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has been involved – from the local authorites, businesses, schools and nurseries, community councils, and enthusiastic individuals – you all deserve a massive pat on the back.”

National Spring Clean 2011 may be over but people can still organise and take part in events throughout the rest of the year. Clean Up Kits can be ordered online at