Clean-up brigade move in after nursery is trashed

Milngavie Primary Garden Vandalism Clear up (1)
Milngavie Primary Garden Vandalism Clear up (1)

THE clean-up operation has started at Milngavie nursery garden after it was trashed by heartless vandals just one week before Christmas.

They used the garden opposite Milngavie Primary School on Hillhead Street as a drinking and drug-taking den and left drugs paraphernalia, broken glass from bottles and burned the children’s plastic chairs.

On top of this they daubed offensive graffiti all over the wall of the Wendy house and filled it with rubbish such as empty beer cans and cigarette packs.

A team of helpers made up of school parents, PTA members and Milngavie in Bloom volunteers went along to the garden on Tuesday to start the tidy up.

They filled nearly 20 bin bags with the broken glass, cans, drugs accessories and rubbish which had been strewn around the garden.

Their next job is to re-paint the Wendy house, once it has dried out from all the disinfecting.

Mhairi Auld, member of the PTA and one of the volunteers, said: “We had a very productive day.

“It was fantastic that Milngavie in Bloom came along and helped - having that number of people really helped us to push on and get get more done.

“It was nice of them to give up their own time to help us - we really appreciate it.

“Many thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.”

The Parents and Teachers’ Association has worked hard over the years to make the garden a lovely place for the children to use and they were distraught by what happened.