Claims of no grit on main roads

Ian White on Baljaffray Road.
Ian White on Baljaffray Road.

A Bearsden resident has slammed East Dunbartonshire Council for ‘failing’ to grit the roads in his area after a day of snowfall.

Ian White, from North Baljaffray, had to rescue an elderly man who was stuck in his car.

Mr White said: “The snow started falling at 8am last Tuesday and the problem arose whe I tried to get home at 9pm.

“The main roads were like a sheet of ice, with no sign of a gritter having been anywhere near them.

“Cars were gridlocked on Drymen Road at 9.30pm as drivers could not get their cars up it.

“The hill from the roundabout at Stockiemuir Road was also a sheet of ice with drivers all over the road and cars left stranded.”

Mr White ended up taking grit from the bin in his street and going back out in his car on the dangerous roads to see if he could help any of the stranded drivers.

He found a man in his 80s sitting petrified in his car halfway down Balfaffray Road, scared to go any further.

He asked Mr White to drive his car to the bottom of the hill, which he duly did, then he had a long walk back up the hill to return to his own car.

Mr White added: “It’s an absolute disgrace.

“What is just as appalling is that the snow was quite localised, it was not like this throughout the East Dunbartonshire area, so it cannot be the case that the gritters had been out working at full capacity.

“There was honestly not one sign that grit had made it onto any road, 15 hours after snow started falling last Tuesday morning.

“The main roads should have been well gritted, and I would have expected to see grit lorries starting to make their way onto the side streets.

“I would like a full explanation as to how this happened.”

Grace Irvine, Director of East Dunbartonshire neighbourhood services said: “Snow was forecast at the beginning of the week, particularly on higher ground.

“Our gritters were therefore out on Monday 8pm to Tuesday 4am - treating it twice. This included Stockiemuir and Baljaffray Road, Tuesday 8am and 12pm (lunchtime)

“We again treated the primary carriageway routes from 4pm to 8pm on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, after the completion of these routes at 8pm there was an unexpectedly heavy snowfall over the west side of East Dunbartonshire at around 9pm.

“After receiving reports from our emergency response centre the drivers were called back out and the primary routes treated again between 9.45pm and 2am on Tuesday night.

“By the end of this treatment all primary routes had been treated five times in total and were running clear again.

“While our weather officers make every attempt to ensure that any gritting actions are scheduled to have the most impact on the roads network, there are times when unexpected weather can occur.”