Citz offers first show tickets at just 50p

Tomorrow (Saturday, August 12), 100 bargain tickets go on sale at the Citizens Theatre for the 1976 price of a mere 50 pence.

Friday, 11th August 2017, 4:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:54 am

It’s both an attention-grabber and a reminder that the Citz has always been inclusive and even revolutionary in its approach to art.

But going by the reviews of this particular production – Oresteia: This Restless House – the prospect of gaining admission for just half of one pound is more than usually generous.

When performed last year as a trilogy (it’s now been redrawn as a single epic performance) the play won ecstatic reviews - and may well do again in its new format, when it heads from Glasgow to the Ednburgh Festival for a run of six performances there.

Oresteia: This Restless House is billed as a powerful and thrilling reimagining of Aeschylus’ The Oresteia by award-winning writer Zinnie Harris, and is about three women who are forced to confront the consequences of their acts of violence.

Director Dominic Hill describes the play as “an epic theatre event which takes its audience on a wild, disturbing but always gripping journey that ultimately leads to forgiveness and reconciliation”.

It was Dominic, incidentally, who brought in the 50p ticket wheeze in 2012 - hearkening back to the flat rate price charged in 1976 - and so far around 3,000 have been sold across various performances.

Now, in preview shows running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at least 100 audience members will be reflecting that they have “won a watch”, theatrically speaking.

However the only way to be in with the chance of cut-price admission to this contemporary take on an Aeschylus classic is to turn up at the theatre from 10am tomorrow – it will be first come, first serve.