kids xmas pressies stolen hand in
kids xmas pressies stolen hand in

CHRISTMAS was ruined this year for a Bearsden family - and it wasn’t because Santa got stuck up the chimney.

Heartless thieves stole the presents on CHRISTMAS EVE or early Christmas morning - while the family were at home.

Alan Oliver and his wife Clare were stunned to discover when they went to get their gifts on Christmas Day that they had all been taken during the night.

Alan explained: “We were set to go to my mum and dad for Christmas dinner with our four year old daughter Katie and we were really looking forward to the traditional present swapping.

“Katie was so excited to be giving her cousin Sarah her present of Peppa Pig and it was such a horrible feeling to discover someone had done such a terrible thing at Christmas.”

Luckily Santa’s gifts for Katie had been safely delivered to the house but there were three boxes of gifts in Alan’s office which is attached to the house.

Fifteen of the family were meeting up and Alan explained: “I had jewellery for my mum, sister and aunt, a big hamper for my godmother, books and piles of toys, some for relations and some for my best man’s kids and they were all wrapped up.

“I could accept it if some poor person who had no other means of giving a present to someone they loved had been driven to steal something to give, but sadly that’s not likely to have been the case.

“It was a planned job because it would have taken three trips to get all the stuff out of my office as it wasn’t just the wrapped presents - my computer was taken as well.”

After Katie had opened Santa’s presents Alan went to start loading the other gifts into his car and saw the window of the office smashed.

He said: “My heart sank. Everything had gone other than one gift with a torn wrapper which must have fallen in the final grab.

“It was a horrible feeling to know while we had been asleep our stuff was being looted.

“I had still been in the office wrapping until after 10pm on Christmas Eve so it’s likely to have been early hours of Christmas morning that our presents were taken.”

So instead of happily setting off with their presents, Alan, Clare and Katie had then to wait until police could come and make their report on the incident and turn up late, dejected and empty-handed to the family gathering.