Christians Against Poverty are there to help those with money worries

Richard & Brian outside CAP office
Richard & Brian outside CAP office

A free service being provided by a national charity is helping people to become debt free.

Christians Against Poverty opened a centre at Findlay Memorial Church at St George’s Cross in Glasgow four years ago, offers debt counselling to anyone who may find themselves in financial difficulty.

Richard Alexander, who was appointed centre manager in May this year, said: “The centre has already been able to help many individuals and families from this area escape from the devastating effects of debt and I aim to continue this.

“I was attracted to this work because of my own personal history. I was born in the east end in the early seventies and, although I moved out of Glasgow in later life, my early years as one of three children in a single parent family were tough. I can remember going hungry most weekends. Our home was always cold and poorly furnished. Christmas and birthdays were non-events. I also longed to have nicer things.

“Cheap credit was not widely available at this time so we were spared the temptation of using loans or credits cards to get by. However, this experience in my childhood has left me with empathy for those who struggle with low income and money issues.

“For me one of the best things about CAP is that we work with our clients until they are debt free. This enables us to form friendships and to really give people the ongoing help that is required.”

The centre is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information phone 0141 333 0055 or 0800 328 0006 or visit