Choirs combine for charity carol concert

THE Bearsden Choir will join the Kelvinside Academy Junior Choir for an evening of charity Christmas Carols in aid of Save the Children.

Big-hearted singers will meet at New Kilpatrick Church on Wednesday, December 19 to sample the festive spirit with a chorus of Christmas cheer.

And both the Bearsden and Kelvinside youngsters have urged members of the public to attend to join in the event while at the same time sparing a though for those less fortunate during the holidays.

Organiser John Wilson said: “Please come along and support Save the Children, secure in the knowledge that your gift will help improve the life of a child and that he or she will have gained a much tighter grip on this good earth thanks to your generosity.

“Children are the essence of Christmas — a very special time filled with kindness and generosity.

“Unfortunately, some children are not as fortunate as our own,” he added. “There are those who are ill, malnourished, orphaned, homeless and it is impossible for us to imagine Christmas Day in such awful conditions.

“They will not receive beautifully-wrapped gifts, nor will they experience the happiness and the joy of that special day. They may not even be healthy enough to join in the celebrations.

“So we invite anyone to join us in the festive music and at the same time help those whose Christmas might not be so jolly.

“Please give to Save the Children and I guarantee that your own Christmas day will be a great deal more joyous and more fulfilled.”

Wednesday’s performance will begin at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £10 for adults and £5 for children.

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